The Spiritual Direction Certificate (SDC) Program  is offered through Divine Mercy University (DMU) in collaboration with Regnum Christi. The Regnum Christi charism is imbued with a rich Christ-centered spirituality that seeks to meet individuals in their life situation and help them become missionary disciples, agents for the Christian transformation of society and culture. DMU has a proven method of developing onsite and online programs that are both academically rigorous and practical for working adults, deeply integrating the latest insights of the human sciences and the Catholic Christian view of the human person.


The goal of the SDC program is to prepare candidates with the requisite dispositions, knowledge of the theological and human sciences, interactions skills, and supervision tools that will enable them to be spiritual directors with the heart and mind of Jesus Christ and in the tradition of the Church’s tried experience. It seeks to respond to the ongoing need for the followers of Jesus Christ to assist one another on their path of becoming ever more faithful disciples of the Lord.


The spiritual direction cert program comprises: 6 courses offered fully online; 2 mandatory residencies of 4 days; three-day Spiritual Exercises; and practicum.









What is Spiritual Direction?

This Program agrees with the Church in her encyclical “Evangelii Gaudium”, and sees spiritual direction as the following:


  1. As Accompaniment: Assisting others on their path to the Lord requires “being there” for them, in service to the Lord and to them.

  2. As Pilgrimage toward God: As the name implies, spiritual direction is not accompanying for accompanying sake, but in order to make Christ present, and facilitate and catalyze the walk toward God, with Christ.

  3. As Formation in Mission: The Presence of Jesus Christ at once summons (“Come Follow Me”), forms (“He taught them”) and sends forth (“Go Out”). Spiritual Direction, accompanying others in this process, also involves fostering the spiritual dynamics of summoning, formation, and mission.